Dear Business Owner:

Smart WebApp Solutions has excellent opportunities to help grow your business. We produce a digital newsletter app which serves HOAs throughout the Central Florida region and would be honored to promote your services to the residents in these communities. Community managers often receive requests from residents for a list of preferred contractors for painting, pest control, landscaping, handymen, etc. This digital format would allow them to access your phone number, website, and email just by clicking on the information you provide.

Here is a link to one of our newsletters: Ads will be featured under the Service Providers tab.

What our existing advertisers like about them is that the links, phone numbers, and email addresses are clickable from the homeowner’s phone. The digital newsletter app on their phone is always available, so they don’t need to rummage through the pile on the counter for the business card they think they have somewhere… your ad is ever present. Your valuable services are just a click away, right when they need you.

Pricing details are below. Feel free to contact us, we would also be glad to treat you to lunch if you’d like to discuss the opportunity in person.

Newsletters are published quarterly – April, July, October, January. Minimum community size is 100 homes, with dedicated page for community vendors (this is where you come in!)

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Basic Ad


Per Quarterly Edition
Minimum 4 Editions

  • Business Card with up to 50 words including links displayed on Vendors Page of the newsletter.
  • Payable at time of placement.
  • $400 per year
Option 1 

Running Footer Displayed on All Pages

  • $100 additional per edition
  • Includes above Basic Ad with Business Card on Vendors Page.
  • Payable at time of placement.
  • $800 per year total 
Option 2

Sole Advertiser In Your Business Category

Sole Advertiser in your line of work – painting, roofing, pool service, landscaping, etc.
• $50 additional per edition with above Basic Ad.
Payable at time of placement
$600 per year total 

Option 3

Sole Advertiser in News Letter

Includes Basic Ad and running footer as the only advertiser in the Newsletter
$400 per quarter
Payable at time of placement
• $1,200 per year total

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